USO Wiesbaden

Über USO Wiesbaden

USO Wiesbaden Exchange
Exchange Shopping Center, Wiesbaden
Mon-Sat: 1100-1900
CIV: (0611) 9411-9306

USO Wiesbaden Clay Kaserne
Welcome Center, Building 1023W
Mon-Fri: 0830-1630
Phone CIV: (0611)-9411-7005

Our Wiesbaden Exchange and Clay Kaserne locations provide a wide array of services: internet access, reading materials, and snacks. Get local information and sign up for USO tours, classes, and much more.

USO Wiesbaden Cottage
Washingtonstrasse 18 (Lower Level), Wiesbaden
Mon-Fri: ...

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Washington Str. 18
Wiesbaden, Mechtildshausen

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